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Ronaldo C to be ignored by the penalty

[Jan 19 2017 GMT]

Real Madrid in the home court against accidents 1-2 CELTA, 40 matches unbeaten in all competitions, Real Madrid swallow two game losing streak. For the first time in nearly two years in the king's Cup debut C Ronaldo, also failed to Buy FIFA 17 Coins save the galaxy in the doldrums. C Ronaldo once again caught in a penalty dispute, but the western media found that the referee ignored C Ronaldo is accurate penalty.

C Ronaldo played the Copa del Rey last year, or two years ago. King's cup 2014-15 season 1/8 finals, the total score of 2-4 Real Madrid Atletico was eliminated in the second round, C Ronaldo scored the first play, but not to come back; the king's cup 2015-16 season, Real Madrid because tcherichev violations were expelled from the tournament. This season, the king's cup 1/16 and 1/8 finals, C Ronaldo holiday. The game against CELTA, C Ronaldo guest center, Asensio and Vasquez in the wings to help.

Playing the center of the C Ronaldo, and did not get too many opportunities, once he took the ball, the opponent will soon have two people around the robbery, almost lost the ability to stand in situ C Ronaldo difficult to get rid of the dilemma. Thirty-ninth minutes, C Ronaldo manufacturing controversial moment: Casey Milo sent straight biography, C Ronaldo high-speed plug into the restricted area, in the defense of Cabral, C Ronaldo fell in the restricted area, rolling a circle. Referee Fernandes Bobalan stood at a distance of C, about 12 meters, in the face of fury for FIFA 17 Coins penalty C Ronaldo, Bobalan.