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Rockets landed NBA this summer decided to favorite

[Jun 22 2016 GMT]

As one of NBA 2k16 Coins the best wing player in Europe, with the Rockets this summer Jindi Lai hopes to sign a work contract. Timberwolves 2014 NBA Draft, in the second round of 53 overall pick Jindi Lai, after his draft rights traded to Houston.

"My goal is to play next season, NBA," Jindi Lai said, "I really hope that this can happen to me, Mike. - D'Antoni is legendary Italian basketball, is a model for everyone if he can coach I really would be very great. "

Since the age of 17 to play professional basketball since Jindi Lai in Italy we have achieved great success. Rockets, has been concerned about the performance of the 23-year-old star in Europe. Jindi Lai can play shooting guard and small forward two positions, having a three-point shooting ability, but also to pass.

Waugh God revealed after the free market opened, the Rockets should be the first choice to pursue big-name players, then with Jindi Lai contract negotiations.

"Last year I had the opportunity to make their own growth, as the Milan captain, I led the team won two titles," Jindi Lai said, "That really helped me grow up. Now the time is ripe for me, I want to go to NBA try their hand. "

Jindi Lai acknowledged, and James - Harden partner for him very attractive. "Harden is a superstar, one of the world's most outstanding player," Jindi Lai said, "I think in many ways I can contribute to the team - shooting, passing and scoring, etc. I think I perfectly integrated into, I just want a chance to help the Rockets win. "

NBA is a business field, does not rule out the possibility of nba 2k16 points the Rockets trading Jindi Lai contract rights. "My dream was in Houston for D'Antoni to play," Jindi Lai said, "If not, then my goal for next season is still landing NBA."