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Ribery is Back

[Feb 22 2016 GMT]

According to the latest FIFA news, after the absence of 347 days, Bayern King Franck Ribery again appeared in the Allianz Arena, and he has also gained like from the whole team and fans.

Facts have proved that as long as Franck Ribery is healthy, he is still the well-deserved heart attack of Bayern. The game against Darmstadt is Franck Ribery's debut at home since March 11st, 2015 against Shakhtar Donetsk. During the limited playing time, Franck Ribery's appearance made the opponent's line of defense be in utter disorder, four assists to help teammates shot, the most times.

For this, President Rummenigge said: "He brought us great help, he reversed the situation of the game."Teammate Lavon said: "Ribery's comeback is so good, he can make a contribution to the team at any time. With him, we become stronger." Other teammates also praised Ribery much. As long as Ribery makes use of his true power, it's more likely for Bayern to win.

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