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Review 3 Big Changes Made in Madden Game

[Oct 12 2017 GMT]

It’s obvious that Madden game has made a big achievement in recent years. But, Madden’s great success is not accidental; it has updated game for many times in order to cater to the public. Today, we will review the history of Madden game. There are total three big changes in Madden game.

The first change is the input delay. Unlike the previous edition of Madden game, EA has speeded up Input time in Madden 18. It means gamers can enjoy a more good vision; they no longer need to suffer bad experience brought by the delay. So far, Madden 18 is worth the title as one of the “best football video game” in the world. Not only the splendid graphics makes Madden 18 perfect, but also interesting game modes help Madden 18 gain high popularity.

The story mode is the second change of Madden game, NBA 2K and FIFA have been forged in advance with their own story modes during last two years, but this is the first time that Madden series made a trial on it. And their attempt is a little... different? The biggest difference is 2K has added new content to Madden 18, but FIFA 18 continues its old mode. Compared to the past, a full version of a story appears in Madden 18, the original beginning, process and ending made gamers immersed into a fantasy world. 
The last change is the Cover Curse. Fortunately, Tom Brady has broken this curse. He is currently lively in National Football League matches and seems to be one of the most valuable players in NFL’s history. He has worked for the New England Patriots for up to 15 years, leading the Patriots seven times into the Super Bowl and won five times, four times the individual won the Super Bowl MVP, those are the most brilliant record made by him and he also widely considered the greatest four Defender.

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