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[Mar 03 2017 GMT]

Recently, because Durant is injured, the warriors line signed veteran Matt - Barnes, this is a position adjustment, before they have determined to sign Calderon, but now only cut him, go with Barnes.

For the old warrior fans, Barnes is familiar with the old man, who created the black eight miracle of the warriors in the lineup has his active figure. The last time Barnes worked for Buy NBA 2K17 MT a warrior or in April 17, 2008, 3242 days from now.

Before the game, the warriors coach Cole said Barnes could face today, and sure enough, second to 8 minutes, the warriors continue to change, this time they send Barnes out, soon he and his teammates, layup. However, I can see Barnes to join the team, the warriors of the offensive and defensive system is not very familiar with the field, often wrong takes place, rebound is also some confusion, defensive position. Playing on the field for 6 minutes, there have been a number of mistakes, but I believe that with Barnes do and his teammates running, more training and competition, these problems should be resolved, he will be better integrated into the team.The game was very intense, toss the last 4 minutes, the warriors sent on Barnes, so he and brother, Iguodala and Green combined water, this is a new version of the "five small death warrior".

Barnes had to curry out, the effect is good, but after Green and Thompson not understanding, so no chance to attack a. Although the warriors score, but the defensive side still can not stop the bull, Barnes's expression on the scene looks very confused. In the end, the bull continued to expand and win the victory. Barnes's return to the warriors was not perfect.