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Reindeer terrorbird racing

[Dec 01 2016 GMT]

At the same time from UTC 00:00 in December 1st, a "Christmas game to Runescape Gold enhance your spirit. Terrorbird racing is a twisted back.

First of all, get free Terrorbird Reindeer hill from Solomon's store (or find a you think in April this year) and Falador began to south.

From the game through mudskipper, by jumping at the best of times all terrorbird Gates beat your friends in the rankings, and access to agile XP. Beat the standard bar and unlock a special version of the installation with a glowing nose!

Reindeer terrorbird racing

Winter weekend

Come back in the winter of  Buy RS 3 Gold the weekend, give the rivers and lakes are more reason to indulge a little bit of green, the weather is terrible.

The start and end of each weekend at UTC 12:00 (game time) in the following days. There are also the benefits of a player owned by the port, which lasted more than a week.

We have several new increases this year: arcs and clues. Read the full details!