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Redskins Signed with Pepsi Instead of Coca Cola

[Jul 26 2017 GMT]

    At the start of the training camp, the Washington Redskins announced that they had cancelled the contract with one of their long-term partners. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    Coca-Cola began cooperation with Redskins in Washington since 1932. The United States time on Tuesday, the Redskins announced that they began to cooperate with Pepsi.

    A month ago the Redskins has just ended on the team logo business, and the partner change this time is clearly showing the future development potential of the team's performance. Some analysts said: "Redskins has a very good brand culture and good Fans base, this cooperation is clearly precious, since the 90s the Redskins has no longer entered the Super Bowl, so their market value is still huge, and has the opportunity to harvest more national fans.

    Forbes list shows the value of Redskins is $ 2.95 billion, ranked 11th in the world sports club. The United States on the red mark trademark survey also shows that 90% of Americans do not think the trademark of the Redskins is offensive.

    Pepsi’ vice president said he did not think the name of the Redskins will become the problem of future cooperation, and they fancy the team and the Union for the future decision, and of course, they also respect the Supreme Court's views.

    After losing the Redskins as the partner, Coca – Cola said that as a friend, they wish them a better future.