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Recommended the technique of Gunner

[Aug 24 2015 GMT]

Isla pell research institute affiliated to combine with firearms within the temple of oda power, finally developed a very powerful, but small, fast and magic magic gun gun. Many technicians are interested in the new weapons and magic magic gun gun, and want to be a shooting star. Use of magic and magic gun gun her fellow guardians of monty war again, the temple the knights also think this is not a simple phenomenon, but a change of The Times. So the continuation of isla pell, technicians and the guardians of the idea of support was finally confirmed certification under the shooting star a new career.

Gunner is combat career, physical skills, spell damage. Silence can be used to attack skills but cannot open magic state, ignoring the blindness. By blocking status such as sword star after forced bondage, elves physical bondage skills cannot be used, but can open state. This looks invincible, said there is no other players so abnormal condition, silence can still be a away. Gunner control skills for pistol stun, repel, bondage, short, bound for the artillery, sleep ranger for reference. Outbreak is very strong, double gesture can a away. Magic magic bullet to strengthen CD only 30 s, gracious CD1MIN. Life is very weak, only a 1 mincd avoid potentially life-saving skills and a 1 mincd lasts 10 s chicken ribs protective film: walls materialization.

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