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Ratings of Running Backs in Madden NFL 18

[Aug 01 2017 GMT]

    The following are the top 5 running backs in Madden NFL 18. More information is on where you can buy cheap nfl 18 Coins.

    1. Le'Veon Bell of Pittsburgh Steelers

    Belle has the most consistent blocking scores of the top 5 running backs. Nearly all his ball carrying stats are in the 90s – his weakest is an 87 Truck rating. When an 87 is one of the “weaker” attributes, which gives him the best overall-rated running back in Madden.

    2. David Johnson of Arizona Cardinals

    Johnson puts himself among the NFL elite, and he had an MVP-level season. Johnson also edges out Bell with a 76 Catch rating, which gives he and Theo Riddick the highest Catch rating in the top 30 OVR RBS.

    3. LeSean McCoy of Buffalo Bills

    Combine speed with his elusiveness, McCoy is a running back difficult to stop when the controller is given to a skilled Madden player. He’s also the best route runner of the top 5 RBs.

    4. DeMarco Murray of Tennessee Titans

    It was enough to put Murray in the Madden RB elite, back in the 90s with a 91 OVR. Murray’s 95 awareness is second only to the immortal Frank Gore among RBs.

    5. Ezekiel Elliott of Dallas Cowboys

    Elliot was the most talented running back of the 2016 Draft class. With speed, acceleration, and agility all in the 90s, Elliott has the potential for huge positive gains.