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Ranger iron wall to steal the cave strategy Avoid the embarrassment of no Assassin

[Aug 21 2015 GMT]

Iron wall has long is Assassin steal base noncommissioned officers. Now teach you a Ranger steal sergeant method. The first Ranger measurements required: attack 950 hit 950 crit1200, brand requirements: hold the arrow of pain. To find the best Buy Aion Gold shop online, please visit

Stealth to open three box, everybody. Open the eye of the attack - shooting - bow of blessing - wind is scurrying - monkeys at the foot of the stealth to sergeant 0 m distance. Attention must play, in the tent because the Ranger, arrows have repelled properties direction against the two warriors blame at the door.

Focus on the arrow, hands sanda. The middle note open good evasion vampire Gunner article reading skills, own less than 50% health sleep eye of the arrow h. and began to attack = routine rapid-fire continue to open. If output is not enough to open fast breathing buried trap sleep, DP health potion h., then can put the dust and shock trap, such basic can kill sergeant Ranger stealth went home.