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Ranger game of all kinds of forms

[Apr 13 2016 GMT]

1. Single: The ranger is suitable for single player after the investigation is to change your job career, has high damage over a long distance. To safely attack at the same time, we can have a variety of skills of distance, so they hunt is very fast, and can be sustained. Ranger as level has increased, just start using frequency similar distance and close skill use frequency is leaning to the skills over a long distance. Close skills of mainly use bind the enemy's feet and bound form trap skill.

2. Team/forces: ranger is powerful in team games hurt exporter over a long distance. In addition, the Ranger can also be used to trap enemy, provide support for a team.In surprise (Raid), in the face of close range attacks a monster, can higher damage than kill star output, and more secure in the game.

3. PvP/fortress: in PvP, Ranger can have multiple full containment and torment each other, no matter what the other is professional can calmly deal with high skills. If is the sword star or Assassin melee attacks, such as professional, you can use the traps, repelled and vertigo, and the other side of the distance between. Each other's career if it is the Sorcerer or Cleric, can use at critical moments to interrupt silence skills of magic and skills to reduce each other healing power. In the fort, the Ranger can perform harassing the other camp or provocative strategic tasks such as to the other party. Because can constantly to attack at a distance, so can play an important role in the fortress defense.

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