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Randall Cobb Takes Responsibility for Offensive Problems

[Nov 09 2015 GMT]

There are some offensive problems in the Green Bay Packers this season. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb wants to undertake this responsibility recently.

In the game between Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos, the Packers only completes 77 yards passing in the game and the passing yardage ranks the 28th in the league. Their results are unsatisfactory and it is incredible for Aaron Rodgers who has a high efficiency for quarterback.

Randall Cobb has failed to complete a touchdown since the third week, so he believes it is his problem and he should be able to do more with the ball. Besides, Cobb refuses to use his teammate Jordy Nelson's injuries as an excuse for his poor play. Randall Cobb is a brave and responsible player.

Of course, he still wants to play better in the games. It will be a big challenge for Packers because the team will face Carolina Panthers in the next game. Let's wait and see on, more related news and NFL coins can be found here.