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Ramos overall goal is only next to C Ronaldo

[Jan 22 2017 GMT]

Real Madrid against Malaga, Bernabeu stadium fans, it seems that some can not afford to lift the spirit, two consecutive defeats to Real Madrid morale, which is not good for the momentum of Zidane. Fortunately, there are Real Madrid captain fantastic defender Moss, with the sword. Cross two place in the water, toudingjiaoti scored two of football's first "Guardian" really is not blowing!

Benzema, C Ronaldo, Vasquez has squandered the opportunity, Real Madrid has been unable to break the deadlock at the buzzer lore Ramos decided to stand up. Thirty-fifth minutes, cross out on the right corner, the crowd, Ramos climbed high shakes Leipzig, such as the ball like shells flying into the door! No run of the penalty area, rely on pure waist strength and head strength, water, on the impact of judgment, the amazing force heading ability.

Before the end of the first half, Ramos broke again. It is from Cross's pass - Germany midfielder left any ball into the box, the ball before playing to point, Ramos plug, the body will be thrown out, right foot toe gently poke, lost focus, only watched the ball rolled into the door. Real Madrid 2-0 lead, Ramos Mei open two degrees. This is Ramos Real Madrid third career scored two of the last 2013-14 season in the Champions League semi-final victory over Bayern when the two kept 4-0. If you want to know more information about Fifa Coins,you should choose our site