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Rafinha Messi shot to break the deadlock

[Feb 27 2017 GMT]

The two teams in league history, against a total of 159 times, Barcelona 71 wins 38 flat 50 negative, deshiqiu for 312 more than 239. In the game against Atletico, Barcelona record of 23 wins 10 flat 37 negative, deshiqiu for 117 more than 138. This season first round confrontation, the two teams in the Nou Camp 1 1 draw. Barcelona rotation of 3 people, Busquets lifted the comeback, Peake and Buy FIFA 17 Coins also entered the starting lineup of the. Alda, Mascherano and Arrakis Turan - Vidal sidelined, Ma Xipu due to technical reasons unsuccessful list.

Third minutes Kirk pass in the right corner, Godin restricted area before the small tongshe kick high, 4 minutes after Messi left the restricted area arc shot to play high. 15 minutes Kirk pick, left gamero box to knock, Gaby was rushed to his right foot shot inside the restricted area arc. 25 minutes Griezmann restricted area arc foot volley teershite finger holds the ball beam. 28 minutes, Messi restricted area on the left foot low shot was saved by Oblak, Lewis - Suarez small closed road but a foul tip broke.

33 minutes, Neymar pass, Lewis - Suarez left the restricted area arc high kick right foot shot. 36 minutes, Messi left the restricted area before the kick, the ball flying Oblak asked the beam with your fingertips. 42 minutes Neymar pass in the right corner, Peake headed a small area before Oblak was shot down.

Opening the second half, both sides no substitutions, 48 minutes, Messi pass, Lewis - Suarez left the restricted area push pole Shepian far post. 51 minutes, ur direct, Griezmann restricted area on the left side of small angle shot was saved teershite. 53 minutes Busquets tackles Griezmann was booked, Gaby kick pick, vrsaljko restricted area on the right side of the bottom line, Godin small restricted road header top. 55 minutes Saul and Neymar was booked.