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Quick Raider Novice of Celtic Heroes

[May 08 2017 GMT]

There are two ways in the Certic Heros for your hero experience required upgrade,monsters and completing tasks.

When you kill the monster, you need to kill and your hero level difference is not much of the monster. If the level difference is relatively large , a minimum amount of the experience is earned for monsters below your Character Level. The reverse was also the case.

Creeps kill the hero can get money and experience a different level creeps, heroes and experience gained are not the same money. Withouta doubt, the star-level higher monster , provides the exerience and money is better , it is hard to complete especially the gold elite monster.

1-20 grade
Start with novice task,gradully accomplished these tasks, such as Lirs Reach, Farcrag Castle, Highscore Village, Crookback Hollow, Bandit Camp, Dustwither Catacombs and so on.

21-25 grade
Try to complete related tasks from NPC. You can upgrade to 25, if you killed the wizard at DustwitherCatacombs.

26-45 grade
You will arrive at new region called Shalemont Ravine. At this moment, monsters are generally stronger and fairly concentrated, so you must keep on practicing.

46-60 grade
Note that it may appear a big boss. Then go straight on path at Stonevale, always kill to Southern road Leystone.

61-65 grade
Walk along the pathway until this place where you can see the  BlueMotion and kill them.

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