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Quarterback Johnny Manzel Still Hopes to Return to the Track

[Jul 18 2017 GMT]

     There is still small possibility that Johnny Manziel gets a second chance at the NFL. However, despite the fact that since the 2015 season, he has not played again, the former Heisman winner clearly got more attention than Colin Kaepernick.

    Manziel said Saturday he had talked to some NFL teams about returning back. On March this year, it is reported that during the weekend of the Super Bowl, Manzel and New Orleans saints coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) had breakfast to discuss his returning to the track.

    Manziel said that he knows what he is going to do, he knows that he has missed the game for a long time, and obviously he knows the mistake he made. Now, he is full of hope, and he has made some progress in this arena. Manziel also said that when he gets the call from the team, he will try his best to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Manziel had played for Cleveland Brown for 2 seasons, and made 2 wins and 6 losses record. He completed a total of 57% of the pass, and made 1675 yards 7 touchdowns 7 times pass by steals. He was banned for four games in the summer due to a violation of the league's doping rules, but he did not play the whole game last season after being laid off by Brown.

    But Manziel is no longer the focus of the news while he is training, and thus he hopes it will convince the NFL team that he is worth a second chance.

    Manziel is really optimistic that he can get an opportunity again, which is what he really have thought every day.

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