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Quarterback Bridgewater Released Photos Showing Knee Injury Recovery Progress

[Jul 17 2017 GMT]

    The latest news about the Tenndy Bridgewater of the Minnesota Vikings is still unknown, or as the local media says that Bridgewater may surprisingly appear at some point in the new season. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    From the serious injury of Bridgewater before the 2016 season coupled with the two-year contract signed by current starting quarterback Sam – Bradford, it is believed that the former may not return to the track until the 2018 season. But when he was in recovery, Bridgewater had been recording important nodes in the recovery process - suggesting that he might return earlier than people expected.

    On Wednesday, Bridgewater released a photo on Personal Instagram. In the picture, Bridgewater did not wear knee pads during training. In most of the photos and videos released before, he wore a huge black knee in the injured left knee.

    Whatever it is of great significance to the restoration of Bridgewater, it reminds people who expect Bridgewater’s restoration that how much effort Bridgewater has paid. The description of the scene when he was injured and the procedure of surgery and recovery were terrible. That he can even consider returning to the court is a very incredible thing.