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Quarterback Ben is not Sure Whether to Continue to Play after the 2017 Season

[Jul 29 2017 GMT]

    Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger does not guarantee that he will continue to play after the 2017 season. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    There are a lot of reasons for him to cancel fighting. From the hope of spending more time with his family to hope that he can avoid serious long-term injuries. In an interview, he made a very convincing point of view.

    In the interview, Big Ben said he had played 14 years in the league and the average career of the league players may be only 3 years to 3 and a half years. His trys to spend time with his family in the offseason, but the number of days as a player and his family will still be affected. Multidimensional factors add together - keep healthy and play with kids - affect his decision. He specifically mentioned the recently published research that 90% players’ brains have been studied with brain concussion.

    He also said that his wife would support his decision to hang up his boots. But he still loves his teammates and the game itself, so he decided to continue to play back this year.

    Now the 35-year-old Big Ben said his current idea is not due to his injuries last season. But it is also reported that last season he was not satisfied with some teammates.

    So in addition to that Big Ben really did express his own ideas, it is possible that he knew as his career is near the end, his teammates can have a sense of urgency. If there is no Ben, the Steelers can’t become a popular competitor for champion.

Big Ben's retiring idea has been circulating for some time, are the Steelers ready to deal with the days without a Ben?