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Quack nine tour exclusive character evaluation

[Sep 03 2015 GMT]

Screen background is absolutely perfect, simple and delicate. Innovative gameplay, RPG games into the major features. Use less traffic. HD version of chat conversations, clearly visible at a glance. Transfer it on to the task. As long as the task requires the target number of monsters fighting monsters do not refresh without looking until the prompts to complete the task. Occupational characteristics.

System is simple, novice approachable. The final and most unique advantages, such as receiving the same task team players will automatically auto-battle. For example, BOSS received a similar task, the system will be a battle prompted calls for his comrades, calling friends, single challenge, quit waiting. Click to Buy RS Gold call his comrades system will automatically speak your area call the players to fight monsters fight.

However, the team automatically, provided that you set the team automatically, rather than manually team, the battle system: "gold sky flying" "chest Beng Bengtiao" I can say really unique. Mentioned above, too few copper coins, and every time a gold and a bronze, point hand acid.