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Props set AION game items

[Mar 25 2016 GMT]

AION game props kinds of weapons and equipment, consumables, materials, etc., players get items not directly discarded. The classification of objects can be divided into ordinary items, obi, dragon language items. Classification of different items in the acquisition, ownership (soul) of engraving, appearance change, registration, etc have different attributes and operations.Weapons and equipment can be divided into the common (white), rare (green), man (blue), the only (yellow).

Common (white) weapons and equipment articles with and the limit of the same grade, or high grade 1 of the most basic items;Rare (green) with than the item's restrictions on the ability of high grade 2 ~ 4 items;Man (cyan) have than the item's restrictions on the ability of high grade level is above 5 items;The only item (yellow) at the same level with the highest capacity in the value of the goods.

Weapons and equipment are divided into weapons, gear and accessories. Weapon is divided into physical weapons and magic weapons, different professional according to the different arms of career choice. Armor is to improve the p.def and m.def, avoid basic capacity value of equipment such as props, and aggressive spirit, vitality, speed, defensive weapons and other properties, under the armor jacket, shoulder pad, gloves, clothing and shoes.

Jewelry is a decorative items for the purpose of. But when the equipment, improve the ability of certain basic value effect, hats, belts, can from the big city jewelry merchants purchased or monsters, task;Necklace, earring, ring, through quest rewards and monsters. Can be made from trading, monsters are not necessarily can trade, goods have a soul of engraving (should be as binding) nor after trading. is your best site to buy Aion Gold and learn latest AION news.