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Problems That NBA2K 18 Players Complained in the Game

[Oct 13 2017 GMT]

NBA 2K18 is running right now. However, many gamers complained they have encountered some bad problems. Here are the solutions for the top three issues.  


Problem 1: Unable to play with other gamers

So far, No subscription of Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation become the biggest possibility that you are unable to play with other gamers. In general, many players do not want to subscribe any stuff because of saving money. For Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation, the 2K charges $9.99 subscription fees for one month, if you pay the money by the month, it means you have to pay $120 a year. But if you pay 12 months subscription fees at a time, the EA only charges you $60. Thus, it’s obvious that paying all at once is the cheapest way. Therefore, those who can’t play with others on Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, please check whether you have subscribed it or not.


Problem 2: Unable to connect to Servers

If you find you can’t connect NBA 2K18 to your servers by all means, just stop and check whether your internet connection is good or not. It’s only a month since the release of NBA 2K18. So you can image how many gamers like you who want to try to log in as soon as possible, no matter whenever. However, as time goes by, this issue will be disappeared soon. So, if you happen to meet this problem, there is no doubt that everything goes well except for your internet connection.


Problem 3: Loss NBA 2K18 Coins

In general, a few NBA 2K18 Coins will be a gift for you when you make NBA 2K18 pre-order. As for those extra Coins, you can buy or update anything as you wish. However, a bad thing happened when you install game, you will find your extra coins is reducing bit by bit. In such case, don't lose your head and just quite the game calmly. Then log into again, you will find your coins is back.  


Have you encountered the above issues, if yes, try use the recommended troubleshooting. For more news about NBA 2K18, please visit By the way, handmade NBA 2K18 Coins is also available at!