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Preparing For Changes Cruisers Of Strategic Purpose

[Jul 07 2017 GMT]

Due To  EVE Online community, We know a part of which will be a major review of the mechanics of the cruisers of strategic purpose. Developers tend to leave them to the concept of multitasking ships be adjusted to different situations and objectives, but leave room for other classes.

In connection with the upcoming changes CCP Games decided to clarify some points:

Electronic subsystem will be removed from the game. I cruisers of strategic purpose only four categories of subsystems remain.

Characters with a learned skill Electronic Subsystem Technology, Amarr Electronic Systems, Gallente Electronic Systems, Caldari Electronic Systems and Minmatar Electronic Systems will receive compensation in the form of undistributed SP and spent the money to buy books.

All existing subsystem will be converted into new versions. Including those installed on cruisers. Excess subsystem will be in the hold of the ship.
Characteristics and the number of slots for modules to change, so some of the equipment can be turned off.

The developers strongly recommend that all pilots cruisers of strategic purpose to find a safe place before the start of engineering work to install the update after they have arisen various problems.

Cruisers of strategic purpose different from other classes of ships due to the unique mechanics of the subsystems. With their help kapsuler can customize the settings and features of the manned spacecraft for specific tasks.

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