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Preliminary Analysis on Defence and Counterattack

[May 16 2017 GMT]

Today' s football ball tactics and positional warfare is still the mainstream, but did not affect the position of defence and counterattack in the football world.

We generally divided the game into four stages: the offensive stage, the defensive stage, the loss of the ball after contraction of the offensive defensive offensive rapidly stage and regain the ball after the opponent based on the opponent is not stable attack counterattack to the offensive stage. The game is in the process of competition  repeated for the ball.

Defensive counterattack is the weak team against the powerful enemy of the usual means, the lightning attack hit it a surprisewhile the opponent to relax vigilance to prevent. In recent years,this tactic helped a lot of teams to achieve success, Leicester City and Atletico' s success has its a credit, the word even became a synonym for Marshal Mourinho. As a tactical strategy, this ability convert is one of the core competencies of a team quickly, as important as attack and defense.

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