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Playing Pass Proficiently in NBA 2K18

[Sep 27 2017 GMT]

For those who want to score more goals in the game, passing skill plays a significant role in the game. Similarly, looking at some top players, none of them are unfamiliar with passing. So, if you want to be a professional player, not an amateur, the first thing that you should do is to train your passing skill. Some may think it’s difficult to learn, other hold the opposite opinion, they think it’s just a piece of cake. Now, the following suggestion may do some help for both the beginner and the veteran.

There are two keys for passing by default, they are X and Square. Both of them can exert their greatest strength if you use them at the appropriate time. For example, you can press X or Square when there is no block between you and your partner in a short distance, the ball will be passed to your partner directly. If you keep pressing X for seconds, the ball will run to your partner who is farthest from you.

There is always a white circle around the feet of the player. Usually, many gamers fail to notice it. However, it’s a very important hint; it shows the direction where your ball goes. So, if you want to change the route, just change the direction of the white circle. You can either do it by hand or press Left Stick to complete it.

A new pass mechanic has been added in NBA 2K18. It shares similar function with X or Square, to some extent, it’s more flexible and simple than X or Square, you just press it without holding any direction keys, and your ball will run to any player nearby, what a amazing thing! This new pass mechanic can analyze your surrounding situation and make plan for you. Of course, so far it’s the first automatic mechanic developed by 2K, and it’s a big success, many players give good comments on it according to the feedbacks from them.

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