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Play Madden 18 Ultimate Team to Gain MUT Reward

[Oct 10 2017 GMT]

As everyone knows, the biggest allure for people to play Madden Ultimate Team is the MUT reward. In general, MUT rewards have been divided into three grades based on the number of packs you opened, there is no limitation for the packs type, and all types of packs are available. PRO is titled to a player who has opened 250 packs, All-PRO is for 250, followed by LEGENDARY for 1000 packs. In most cases, Madden 18 Coins, best player and other valuable stuff are included into the packs. Of course, if a player is unlucky, he will open the pack and find nothing.  


Building a best team needs coins. For a player like you, who is unwilling to spending real money buying coins from store, he usually plays MUT and completes various tasks, thus, the more challenges he finished, the more packs he will open. There is always the moment when he opens a pack and finds valuable stuff.


A Badge will be a gift for anyone who just register MUT rewards and be a member of it. Badge can be used to change for items, packs and even contracts in Madden Ultimate Team. So, it’s quite easy and simple to get useful thing in this program. Except for the traditional MUT reward, there also appear some novelty rewards. For example, if you trace the EA Sports on Twitter, an actual ticket may be a reward for you to watch the real NFL game. Digital MUT rewards are also available to players all around the world.  


Many players put lots of effort to play MUT. For them, MUT rewards are the main tool for them to continue the game. Since there is no loss for them to play MUT and win reward, the only thing which cost them is the time. Spending time gaining free stuff is not a bad thing!


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