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Pjanic Cannot Wait to Go to Juventus

[Jun 12 2016 GMT]

Miralem Pjanic is about to join Juventus and the news has been confirmed officially by Roma. At the same time, the Bianconeri general manager Marotta also confirmed the transfer.

Rome manager Mauro Baldisso said in an interview from that the transfer of Pjanic was applied by himself, and he wanted to make it smooth even at the expense of his own interest. At the same time, he also rejected some of the rumors that sounded meaningless.

In Pjanic's contract, there are 38 million euros of forfeit money, and if according to the normal transfer, 20% of them will revert to the Pjanic himself. But Pjanic can't wait to go to Juventus,. He decided to sacrifice part of the interest.

Pjanic will accept the medical examination on Tuesday at the latest. He has reached an agreement with the club on personal matters. Let's just wait and see. By the way, you can click here to buy cheap FIFA Coins if you want.