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Pittsburgh Steelers and Starting Left Tackle Villanueva Renewed for 4 Years

[Jul 28 2017 GMT]

    Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva has reached a new height in the NFL incredible journey now. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    Steelers announced a four-year contract with 28-year-old Villanueva. The contract is worth $ 24 million.

    Villanueva has served as a member of the US Army Rangers, and fought in Afghanistan 3 times and won the Bronze Medal. He joined in the league at the age of 25 and now has the same excellent player career.

    After joining the Philadelphia Eagles as a defensive end, Villanueva attracted the attention of Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin in the preseason because of his standing way when playing the national anthem. He changed to play the offensive tackle after joining the Steelers and begun to play the starting position in the 2015 season. He was surprisingly consolidating his main position and helped the Steelers’ offensive striker to be one of the best in the league.