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Pierce Hope to Retire After 1 Day Contract

[May 10 2017 GMT]

Recently, Paul Pierce said he hopes to be the identity of the Celtics players  retired officially at Kevin Garnett' s program.

Pierce played for the Green Army up to 15 years. He received the award include 10 All-Star, 4 times the best team, 2008 championship and FMVP, and 26397 points in the history of the total score list 15th in his whole career. Pierce' s career is over and he hopes to retire as a Green Army player. In fact he want people to know that he was retired as a member of the Green Army. As always , everyone knew he was a Celtic, like all called the Celtic. Just like you have done some special things to win a championship and you definitely want to be mentioned.

After this season, the Green Army boss Vick Gross Baker confirmed that the team will retire  Pierce No. 34 jersey in the TD Garden Arena.

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