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Pierce Going on to Fight

[Aug 17 2016 GMT]

In recent years, many players, including Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and so on, are retired. So, people are guessing whether Pierce would also make such a decision. However, from the existing situation, he is not going to leave. If that is really the case, it will be Pierce's 19th season in NBA.

There are two years left for Pierce's contract. About to turn 39-year-old Pierce did not have a very good state last season. In the averaged 18.1 minutes, he could send 6.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.0 assist, all the lowest in his career. So at the end of last season, Pierce seemed to have a retirement plan.

In fact, from the lineup configuration point of view, the Clippers are still the favorite to win. The team also had a line-up adjustion in the summer, introducing Bass, Speights and so on. Together with Paul, Jordan Griffin and little Jordan, the Clippers still have good strength.

For Pierce, if he continues to campaign in the new season, then he still has a chance to win a championship, which is also his dream. And don't forget to get cheap NBA 2K MT on