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Philadelphia Eagles Got Miami Ajayi

[Nov 01 2017 GMT]

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NFL's best team upgraded the lineup before the trade deadline. The Philadelphia Eagles got the Miami Dolphins running through Jay Ajayi, and the Dolphins got the Hawks' fourth round pick in 2018 as compensation.

Agay went to the present to only try a negative eagle, helping to consolidate the LeGarrette - Blount (LeGarrette Blount) led the runway position. In the case of Aga, the Hawks rushed to the league ranked fifth in the league, averaging 80.8 times to get 129.2 yards.

Agayi this season to continue the performance of instability, he had two games red ball yards more than 120 yards, but there are 4 games red ball yards less than 55 yards. The last game of Agay for Dolphin is particularly disappointing. In the game against the Baltimore Ravens, his first red ball to promote 21 yards, but then he rushed the ball 13 times only 2 yards.

For Agay, he will be from the number one runway to become with the Bronte, rookie Corey Clement and catch the ball runaway Wendell Smallwood to share playing time The Eagle's offensive striker is stronger than the dolphin's offensive front, so despite the reduction in the number of red ball, his efficiency may be improved.

In the second year quarterback Carson Wentz performance jump up and the next race is easy, the Hawks will have a lot of early lead ahead of the game. Aga's joining can help them lock the victory.