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Pets in Aion

[Sep 24 2017 GMT]

Aion game with a pet system, a total of five types of pets, namely, ornamental, warehouse, production, alarm, composite. More information is on where you can buy cheap Aion Kinah.

2.0 version of the player players can be sold through the pet merchant to buy for the ornamental, warehouse, production with three types. Players can first use the pet to sell merchant to buy pet eggs, and through the responsible person to adopt the adoption of NPC pets to adopt. Responsible for the purchase of pet eggs and responsible for the adoption of NPC in the main city of various races. In addition to get the pet's four channels, the player performs a pet-related task, after the completion of the task can get a new pet; through the daily task reward, you can get 7 new pets; through the copy of "1st Temple Training Center" You can get four new pets; through a copy of "Araka" award, you can get a new pet.

After the automatic use of items in the pet, the pet can automatically use food, drinks, magic items, etc., before the automatic use of goods, the player must be in the "pet drug backpack" to confirm the storage of enough food, drinks, magic items, After the disappearance of the pet will automatically use the items; players activate the pet automatically pick items, the pet will automatically pick up the body of the monster body falling items props, activation of the pet shape after the success of the flashing effect. There are many emotional instructions between the pet interaction, pet mood to reach a certain degree, will give the owner of the gift, the pet for a fixed appearance, can not transform the appearance or change the color.