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Peterson Signed a Two Years Contract

[Apr 26 2017 GMT]

According to nflcoins, Peterson has signed a two-year 7 million dollars's contract with the New Orleans Saints. It is one year contract plus one year option. Peterson will earn $ 3.5 million this season as a security fund, including $ 2.5 million signing bonuses and one million basic security payment.

If implemented 2018 option, he will get another $ 3.5 million non-guarantee and $ 2.4 million big list bonus. The 3.5 million includes 10.5 million basic salary, 1.65 million appearance bonuses, 750,000 big list bonuses and 50,000 training bonuses.

Peterson this year will occupy $ 2.25 million cap space, and 2018 total accounted for $ 4.75 million salary cap space. The data show that the Saints currently have 8.5 million cap space. More information is on where you can buy Madden Mobile Coins.