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Pay More Attention on FIFA 18 Demon

[Oct 31 2017 GMT]

In fact, after several generations polishment, FIFA game interface layout has become fixed. So what should be changed lies in the game screen. At this point, FIFA 18 undoubtedly surrenders a satisfactory answer, both in the physical engine of the various movements of the players and the sketches of the stadium, the details of the auditorium and the bleachers, and the light and shadow effects. Well, even the billboards are quite good.

FIFA series has always been a variety of tactical design, rich tactical strategy operation. And FIFA 18 naturally inherited the characteristics of the FIFA series with tactical operation. Design number is far more than all kinds ofcompetitors. Players who like these games naturally enjoy a lot.

But the variety of tactics is more to bring the operation. If a player just wants to play a simple game, that a few basic key can. If you want to come to an exciting gluttonous feast, it is a easy matter just by pressing a few keys.

Overall, although the short demo did not let me fully feel the FIFA 18 football masterpiece of all the charm, it has called me this pseudo-fans indulge. Although the basic operation of the game is not complicated, the rich tactical content, a variety of advanced tactical operations are played. So the game becomes very playable.

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