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Patch for Solving Lagging Problem in the Franchise Mode is Failed

[Oct 14 2017 GMT]

Like any other video games, Madden 18 is also imperfect at the beginning to some extent. Currently, there are many problems to be solved. The first thing needs to be done is put patches in order to improve game experience. Although almost all patches are available for Madden 18, there still one patch which fails to perform its function. What’ more, it makes the situation worse. At first, the purpose of this patch aimed to solve the lagging problem in the Franchise mode. On the contrary, the lagging becomes longer than before.


Recently, lots of gamers complained about the bad consequence brought by this failed patch. EA Sport has made promise to the public that they will continue to find the root and solve it soon. A developer from EA said: “it’s our responsibility to provide better service for Madden 18 fans. Thus, solving issue like lagging will be our top priority in the recent work.”


However, bad things always appear by surprise. Wrong settings from the original patch confused gamers a lot. There are so many times that gamers can’t distinguish "Low Catch Rating" from "Catch in Traffic. Both of them are the notification banners. Thus, EA has to delete them. EA said: “more updates will be provided. And we know, there are still many undiscovered problems in Madden 18, and we have already prepared for the upcoming challenge.”


We all know in the former edition, MUT auction house filters usually worked abnormally in the game, and lots of gamers have troubled a lot. Although EA has tried to find troubleshooting by all available means, nothing seemed to have much effect. But a patch released this week solved this problem thoroughly. Now, the auction house filters can be reset by gamers as they wish. This can be regarded as one of the biggest progress in Madden 18.


So far, almost all patches have been released for Madden 18, how do you think of them, you can send your comments to us by for more news, website like update latest Madden 18 news every day. In addition, handmade Madden 18 Coins is also available at nflcoins.