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Part Two FIFA 18 Game Demo Strategies of the Journey

[Oct 25 2017 GMT]

In our relevant site imfifa, we have talked step 1. Now here, mmocart is to introduce you stept 2 and stept 3. Today's prices for RuneScape gold is $2.68 for 10M Runescape 3. NBA 2K 18 1000K MT on PC is $0.66. Price of 100k PS3 FIFA 18 coins is %1.89.

Plot: Danny found that the Brazilians are all proficient in football. This small friendly game made him suffer too much. Then, the two hurried back to hotel because tomorrow morning, they will take the flight back to England with the team convergence. Alex can not wait to be back on the game.

Step2. After the song is finished, the player will enter the player career interface.
First of all you have to understand the objectives of this period. Currently Alex team is about to participate in the pre-season tour. There is a total of three goals, respectively in the training session to get a score of 8.0 +, in the pre-season tour to get at least 10 foot shot, won the pre-season tournament.

Here the more difficult to reach is the last one. As long as you can play to the final, more than 10 feet shot is inevitable. The game score is that you have to score in the training, assists. You must guarantee each game score with oner 8.

Plot: The US Tour is about to start, the team will face some strong opponents in the International Cup. Leaders do not want someone to be perfunctory. If you want to have shopping opportunities in a new season, assistant coach Butler asked each player to produce a satisfactory answer. Assistant coach Butler would ask Alex to learn basic football.

Step3. In this new season in first training competition it will be OK if you can get 8.0. Standard for evaluation is very simple. Passing a good ball, the success of interception add 1 point; scoring add 20 points; any mistake, the team lost the ball, one point lost; losing a ball, -5 points deducted.

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