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Packers Won over the Redskins from Behind

[Jan 11 2016 GMT]

As everyone knows the East champion of National League Washington Redskins has ended the regular season with three-game winning streak. While on the other hand, the Green Bay Packers’ recent state has been poor. And their start in the away game against the Redskins was not ideal. In the second wave of attack, the quarterback Aaron Rodgers was captured in their own ends, letting the Redskins get safe points.

After the second half began, the Redskins smoothly advanced in the first wave of the attack. But the Packers were reluctant to show weakness. But the offensive group of Redskins who needed to regain its leading misfired. On the contrary, the Packers’ offensive group got unstoppable status. Shortly after the fourth quarter began, the Packers made continuous three waves of offensive touchdowns, and then they completed 2 points conversion and rewrote the score to 32-14.

Since then two consecutive waves of Redskins all ended in fourth gear conversion. Finally the Packers 35 to 18 won the game. This is the first time that four visiting teams won the wild card playoffs in NFL history. Congratulations again to the Packers! If you want to buy Madden NFL 16 Coins, is a good choice, fast and cheap.