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Packers Sign David Bakhtiari to Contract Extension

[Sep 14 2016 GMT]

According to where sell the cheapest and fastest NFL Coins, Green Bay Packers are willing to extend David Bakhtiari's contract.

The Packers agree to sign Bakhtiari on a new four-year contract, the deal is worth up to 51.67 million dollars. Bakhtiari's new salary will reach 12 milion dollars a year and is the top five offensive tackle in the league salary ranking.

Bakhtiari, 24, is drafted in 2013 NFL draft. He gets the starting position in his new season in NFL and has 47 regular-season games as a starter. Bakhtiari has a strong body and excellent athletic ability. The new contract will keep him at Packers until 2020, nflcoins look forward to his good performance.