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Owen Proposed to Leave the Cavalier

[Jul 22 2017 GMT]

    According to the famous NBA reporter Brian Windhorst, all-star guard Kerry - Owen asked the team to trade him in a meeting with the Cavaliers last week. More information is on where you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT.

    Then a number of journalists confirmed the news, and Owen's agent did not deny the matter. Not only that, Owen has mentioned to the Cavaliers a few teams as his next home, one of which is the Antonio Spurs.

    When asked why Owen asked to leave the application at this time, Wechsler said: Owen hopes to be able to focus on one place to play, he does not want to have been shrouded in the aura of James, and does not want to continue playing on LeBron James’ side.

    It is reported that James is also already aware of the matter, and a reporter has contacted James. James said he is currently focused on preparing for training next season, he focuses on how to win, and does not care who is in the team.

    But then, James said through his broker that he will not be involved in Owen's leaving application, and he will let the Cavaliers management and boss Dan Gilbert deal with the matter.

    It is worth mentioning that Owen mainly asked to be traded, which means that Owen will be willing to give up the opportunities to sign a "super salary" with the Cavaliers in 2019.

    In the summer of 2014, Owen and the Cavaliers renewed a contract worth $ 90 million and was seen as the cornerstone of the Cavaliers. But just two weeks later, LeBron - James announced his return to the Cavaliers. This sudden change was a shock to Owen, and in the past three years, Owen has been in hesitation from time to time whether to be the deputy of James or to have his own team.