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Orlando May Host the 2017 NFL Game

[Apr 13 2016 GMT]

Orlando, Florida, has maked sure that they can host NFL game, according to the latest NFL news. Steve Hogan, the CEO of the University of Florida football says that he believes the city can in the future host the game of NFL level.

This topic has been th ehot topic. More than 50 thousand fans have discussed it. More local fans are more loyal to the University team's game, then the introduction of NFL's game is good news? Orlando has hosted the Olympic Games, FIFA football as well as the WWE game, of course, including a lot of University Games, why not hold the game of a few NFL?

In fact in the 90s of the 20th century, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and so on, have hosted the tournament in Orlando. But due to the obsolete equipment and other factors, since the 21st century no NFL tournament has been held. It will be a good opportunity to show the culture and scenery for Orlando. In the end, welcome to buy cheap and fast NFL Coins at