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Or return to the Lakers Gasol exposure

[Jul 01 2016 GMT]

Regular season, the Jazz played Booker total of Buy NBA 2k16 MT 79 games, averaging 20.7 minutes played, 5.9 points and 5.7 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 0.7 steals 0.5 blocks per game. In 2014, Booker worked with the Jazz signed a two-year $ 10 million contract.

But preliminary forecast, inflation in this market players such a serious case, the new contract Booker's annual salary is expected to reach about $ 10 million. Reporter Shamus from Yahoo - Kara Virginia reported, according to sources, has ended with the Miami Heat free agent Hassan - Whiteside talks, the two sides did not reach an agreement.

Next, the white side will travel to New York to meet with the Mavericks. However, according to previous reports, the Mavericks had the first is the white side should meet the team, and for now, the white side of the team is likely to temporarily modify the itinerary. 2015-16 regular season, Whiteside played a total of 73 times in the Heat, averaging 29.1 minutes played, 14.2 points 11.8 rebounds and 3.7 blocks per game, and won the season blocked shots.

Werner reported Pavlovsky, the free agent Paul - - Adrian Gasol were recorded from Yahoo does not exclude the possibility of summer return to the Lakers, but the Lakers, Gasol's return to add, also holds an open attitude.

But earlier, Wal-God in their own program, said Gasol favorite is still the Spurs, "He likes everything San Antonio from a basketball standpoint, there is perfect." God says Waugh. Over the past season, Gasol played 72 games for the Bulls, averaging 31.8 minutes played, 16.5 points 11.0 rebounds, 4.1 assists and two blocked shots.

From the NBA official website correspondent David - Aldridge reports, sources said, the Lakers have contacted Evan - Turner, the front will be the all-around, high-level interest in the team is very strong. According to previous news, in the Turner family favorite offseason, the Lakers exactly which one.

But beyond NBA 2k16 MT PS4 that, the Knicks, Bulls, pelicans, calf, and the Grizzlies also are likely to Turner takes the offer. Over the past season, Turner played all 28 minutes in the Celtics, the field can contribute 10.5 points and 4.9 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1 steal.