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Opening Packs and Find Surprise in MUT 18

[Sep 27 2017 GMT]

Playing Madden 18 and opening the pack is one of the best things for almost all gamers. There are various levels of challenges ahead you, the more challenges you have completed, the more packs you will open. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you may find a super player, but, it’s also possible that you open the pack and find nothing at all.


Many players focus their attention on the Madden Ultimate Team, since they have more access to open pack in this game. MUT has always attracted numerous players by its unique game settings, all players could gain experience point once they joins MUT, no matter how big or small of their achievement, and their ranking will be improved based on the experience points. The higher the ranking, the more rewards they will receive. Usually, rewards may be coins and cards, packs are also the most common gift for players. Unlike other game mode, Playing MUT could always get more or less return. Thus, they don’t need to worry about wasted effort. It’s the main reason that so many players like MUT all the time.


Another way to get packs is to buy with money, but you can’t judge which pack contains the best things, you just beg for good luck. Certainly, elite, or a good player is enough for your team. For some people, playing Madden 18 Ultimate Team for a long time is really a stupid thing for ever, boring and time-consuming. But for those who have great enthusiasm on Madden 18, it’s funny to challenge themselves in MUT, they enjoy opening packs by completing tasks in the game. The best moment for them is to open pack and find surprise. With those desired rewards, they could make their team stronger. If you want fast packs, buying them directly is your best choice.


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