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Only Real Madrid Can Take away Hazard

[Feb 25 2016 GMT]

Hazard believes he will play for Chelsea next season, but except he gets an invitation from Real Madrid. Recently it is reported Paris Saint Germain intends to buy Hazard from Chelsea, but Hazard will stay at the club, if he doesn't receive Real Madrid's invitation.

The best player in the Premier League last season. This season his state has declined, staggering speed. But Real Madrid still intends to introduce him, they hope to convince Chelsea to let Hazard go in the summer. This season because of a groin injury he has missed three weeks' game, Hazard himself also relizes that he must be sick out of the shadow in the rest games, to maintain confidence, to prove his worth.

Besides, his childhood idol is now the Real Madrid coach Zidane. He still is a big fan of Zidane. So if Real Madrid really invites Hazard to join, the possibility of success is great. And if you want to buy cheaper and faster FIFA coins, is your best choice. Welcome!