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Odell Beckhanm Pays Tributes to Michael Jackson

[Nov 03 2015 GMT]

This is a story between a rugby player and his idol. According to, the receiver of New York Giants Odell Beckham finished 3 receptions for touchdowns in the game against New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

In fact, the game site was the state where his unniversity was located in. So, he was especially excited, contributing to the team 8 receptions, promoting 130 yards, the luxury data. In the second quarter of the game, he completed a touchdown and after that, in the touchdown zone he with "whip" dance to celebrate. It's obvious that this is for Michael Jackson. can't deny the fact that Michael's dance and his ball-receiving tactics are so talented. At the same time, it can be concluded that Odell must be keen to practice the dance steps. We sincerely hope that he can become a lengend as Michael Jackson. And if you want to buy the cheapest NFL coins, our site is your best choice.