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Oakland Raiders Will Sign Reggie Nelson

[Apr 06 2016 GMT]

According to where sell the cheapest NFL Coins, Oakland Raiders will sign Jacksonville Jaguars free safety Reggie Nelson. The Raiders will complete the reinforcement of their weakest link after getting Nelson.

Nelson is 32 years old now, he is the first person who has the most interceptions in the league standings last season, but it is the first time for him to be selected for the Pro Bowl. If the Raiders can sign Nelson, they can make up the legendary player Charles Woodson decommissioning loss.

Although Nelson has 12 interceptions in the past two years, his career has completed only 30 interceptions. Nelson is 33 years old in September, the Raiders need him to contribute his ability immediately, so all of this is still uncertain. In fact, Raiders current head coach Jack Del Rio who coaches Jaguars during 2003-2011, selects Reggie Nelson in 2007.