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OSRS is Unable to Login into in RS

[Oct 13 2017 GMT]

As it’s known to all, RS enjoys high popularity as one of the MMORPGs in the word, especially in the UK and the US. Lots of people are very excited when playing RS because it involves competition, collection and mission. But recently, there are so many RS players complained and asked me what’s wrong with RS, since they are unable to login into OSRS and what is worse, they can’t find the root by all available means. they said: "There is always a notification pop up to remind you that you have already tried so many times when you try to log into. In fact, it’s the first time i attempt to login into the game." Therefore, lots of gamers are confused by this strange issue.


At first, many gamers afraid they may by attacked by hackers. But soon, there a conjecture that something wrong happened to OSBuddy. One gamer said to me when he have found the inaccessibility of OSRS, he tried to login into other different accounts. As a result, those accounts were accessible. Thus, he concluded it’s the abnormal operation of OSBuddy stop them from logging into. Now, there are overwhelming complains from those who are unable to log into the game.


Although many gamers like to play on OSBuddy, it’s not the official client-side. Therefore, Jagex has no responsibility to fix this issue for them. So far, there are only two ways to fix this issue. One way is change “Highway” setting to “None” setting in OSBuddy, which is worth a try? But, another way is the use of the official client-side, which is considered to be the safest way. According to the feedback from gamers, both of them are available at last. 


For those who still troubled by this bad suffering in RS, you can try the above two ways to help you. And for those who can login into smoothly, it’s time for you to buy cheap RS Gold at All RS Gold sold at are handmade. Beside, latest news about RS is also updated every day in order to provide best service for you!