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Nflcoins Congratulate Mike Williams Returns to NFL

[Apr 26 2016 GMT] where sell the cheapest NFL Coins congratulate wide receiver Mike Williams returns to NFL after being away from the league for one year. Williams has signed with Kansas City Chiefs on one year contract.

He visited Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots earlier this month. The wide receiver was suspended for three games last season, but he eventually did not participate in the competition all season. Williams had a big contract in 2013, when Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him on a six-year, 40.25 million dollars contract extension.

Williams could complete 64 catches, 909 yards and 8 touchdowns on average every season when playing for the Buccaneers. But he was traded to Buffalo Bills in 2014, the Buccaneers got a sixth-round pick. The Bills chose Chris Hogan instead of him after eight months. Nflcoins think Williams has a chance to revive his career in the Chiefs and it is a lower risk for the latter. Hope Mike Williams can do well in the new team.