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Nflcoins Congratulate Chris Johnson Signs With Arizona Cardinals

[Mar 18 2016 GMT]

According to where sell the cheapest NFL Coins, Chris Johnson re-signs a one year, three million dollars contract with Arizona Cardinals. Miami Dolphins have missed another running back.

Johnson visits Miami Dolphins this Wednesday, but eventually decides to return to the Cardinals where he has outstanding performance last season. He also rejects another team's offer which he can get twice the salary of the Cardinals. Johnson signs a contract with the Cardinals last summer, but he suffers a fractured tibia last December and moves to the injured reserve. Now he has come back.

His speed slips in the late season, but he will not be asked to serve as the main running back. David Johnson is expected to serve as the main force. As for the Dolphins, they have missed Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson and Johnson. However, they do not need to feel panic for many veteran running backs will appear in the free agent market before next month's draft. Wish good luck to the Dolphins.