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Neymar 4 minutes down by the violence of the 3

[Mar 29 2017 GMT]

Bailey said, Brazil's problem today is that only Neymar a superstar, so, no matter what round with the opponent, less will become the object of focus marker, the face has always been a tough defense known Paraguay, Neymar after the opening in the short 4 minutes 3 times out of Fifa Coins violence!

The ball no matter in what position, Neymar are not alone, the opening third minutes and 24 seconds, the ball in midfield on the right he lived, although Barcelona star defender with the body against, but the Paraguay players did not let go, he will choose direct foot from behind Neymar around, playing the supporting leg less kick, Neymar abruptly put over, kicking his right hand at the same time, there are obvious pushing action, was at the same time by violating the Neymar vacated body fell to the ground.

After 1 minutes, Neymar on the left side of the road and the ball pivot, was behind the other players against, Rojas worry about being less in turn with outstretched hands, crisp from behind him down. The foul also let Bruno Roxas booked, at the same time the Brazil team gave a good position of "short corner" opportunity, less personally pick box, Paulinho header from the center slightly higher.