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Newly Released Scores of Superstars

[Aug 18 2017 GMT]

With the NBA 2K18 getting closer to us, the game production group also began to publish many superstars' scores in the game as usual. Although the 2K score does not have the official effect, over the years has also maintained a relatively objective attitude, by neutralizing the player's current ability, the status of the team and the league and the performance of the new season is expected to score has been the majority of 2K fans and basketball fans of concern.

This is the first player announced last season's FMVP Kevin Durant, Durant's 2K score of up to 96 points is now announced the highest in the star, but also from a side that Durant strong strength , And Durant's former team's former MVP library also received a high score of 94 points, in addition to the Spurs's Leonard scored 95 points, between his offensive and defensive last season's excellent performance was so high The score is also reasonable.

Last year to play brave Paul - George, Ade Quento Bo, Carl - Anthony - Downs also received a score of 91 points, after the Eastern Champions League last year, the second headed Owen he is also the 2K18 cover characters , Owen's ability to value is 90, with him as the same as the Wizards Wizards star Wal-Mart, Wall and Owen are in different occasions expressed dissatisfaction with their score, obviously two people next season, hold back Enough to fight hard to play 2K production group face.

Lakers two rookie players Ingram and Bauer also received 78 points and 80 points more law-abiding scores, in addition to Damian - Lilard, De Mar - DeRozan and Isaiah - Thomas Are all 89, Gordon - Hayward is 88, Devon - Booker and Joel - Ebid are 86, Andre - Drummond is 85, Dwight - Howard is 81, while the former MVP Derek - Ross's ability to value only 78, apparently perennial injury to 2K on his future is not good.

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