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New labor agreement for NBA

[Jan 20 2017 GMT]

NBA officially announced that the Union and the players union officially signed a new labor agreement, the agreement for 7 years, will take effect on July 1, 2017, valid until the 2023-2024 season. At the end of Buy NBA 2K17 MT the 2022-2023 season, both sides are out of the agreement, but the premise is in December 22, 2022 (local time) as the other party.

The new version of the negotiation process is not agreement the two sides around some of the key issues Everything is going smoothly., repeated consultations and coordination, in December last year, the two sides reached a new labor agreement draft, and in the month later approved the draft.

The new labor agreement added some aspect of the terms, such as "designated veteran contract case", the parent team can choose in advance a conform to the rules of the teams and players, allowing 6 year contract with the contract. This will undoubtedly increase the possibility of meritorious star left the team, as far as possible to avoid making when Anthony joined Nicks's farce.

Moreover, the new labor agreement makes the possibility of a similar formation of warriors, knights, such as super team greatly reduced. Because the minimum wage and salary cap players (such as crazy Curitiba $40 million) will rise sharply, the team's salary will be a lot of space locked, so conducive to the league's 30 teams go hand in hand with the development, reduce the possibility of a single ambassadorcompetes reduced watch.

The new labor agreement there is a noticeable "38 rules", the rules from the previous "36 rules" evolved, this rule is in the players' Union president Lebron and Paul's efforts to reach the. The extra two years, looks unremarkable, but now they can make Lebron this generation of "older" star enrichment, with this rule, they can still sign a at the age of 33 about 5 years, no doubt, this will make them more secure income. But they also questioned two people "abuse of power". Even if there is such a situation, it is understandable, after all, the negotiations is to maximize their own interests.

In addition, the new version of NBA 2K17 MT the labor agreement also has some of the contents of human nature, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse, to help those retired veteran, etc..